Welcome to the Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School website! With God's guidance we grow and learn. Our school open morning is on Thursday 12th October at 10:00am. Please contact the school office to reserve a place.

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With God’s guidance we grow and learn

Hi!  We are Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School’s first School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)!  We join together to develop, organise and promote school sport and intra-school competition within the School Games.  We all demonstrate and promote the following ‘Spirit of the Games’ values: self-belief, teamwork, determination, honesty, passion and respect.
Our main aims are:
  • To build up children’s self-confidence.
  • To encourage children to play sports.
  • To organise mini games between groups of children in school.
  • To give children the opportunity to experience familiar and new sports.

Our Sport Leaders (some of whom also make up the SSOCrew!) run activities on a lunchtime to encourage children from all classes to try new sports and to increase their participation in exercise.
Our annual school Sports Day will take place in July.
For more information about the School Games, please visit http://www.yourschoolgames.com/
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