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Class 5’s Passover Meal

As part of our work on Judaism, and linking perfectly into our RE topic of ‘Jesus, the Bread of Life’, we learned about the Jewish Passover meal. This meal remembers the escape from Egypt (recounted in Exodus), and every item on the plate has special significance.

Each group had a plate containing key elements of the Passover meal. We explored the meaning of each item and shared the meal together.


Part of the meal includes a ‘bitter herb’, designed to reflect the bitterness of the slavery of the Jews in Egypt. Not everyone appreciated this aspect of the meal!


Despite the bitter herb, everyone enjoyed learning about the Passover meal in a hands-on way: it helped us to learn the importance of the meal in Judaism, the significance of the foods, and the links through to the Last Supper and then on to the Mass. The children now understand the importance of the phrase ‘The Lamb of God’ during Mass.
Barkston Ash Young Apprentice 2017-18

In our fourth series of the Barkston Ash Young Apprentice, we have once again seen many fantastic projects. With an initial loan of £3 each, the children in Class 5 started up their own businesses which ranged from sweets and drinks to bird & hedgehog houses, coasters, Barkston Ash games, Christmas decorations, photo magic, garden services, birdseed, rupix cubes and many more. In less than three months, through hard work and excellent sales techniques, our fabulous entrepreneurs made over £2,000 profit!

Here are some photos from the Christmas fayre at which many of the businesses had stalls:

Finally, after the children had presented their businesses in the boardroom to Claude Power, Karren Ronicle and Lord Sir Alan Craigen – who were thoroughly impressed with the extremely high standard of the businesses and the presentations – four businesses were selected for the final:

Naturally Beautiful (Polly & Rosa), Wildlife in Winter (Sophia & Eloise), A World of Pure Imagination (Chloe & Emma) and Tilly & Rob’s Garden Jobs (Tilly & Robert). All received trophies for their superb businesses and presentations.

However, there can only be one winner, and, after much deliberation, Naturally Beautiful were hired as this year’s Young Apprentices – well done Polly and Rosa!

Andy Warhol-inspired Portraits
Welcome to Class 5 – this is what we look like!
Well, after a little bit of colourful alteration, anyway.

Literacy: Descriptive writing about the Dreamgiver
Here are some extracts from our work on a short animation from the Literacy Shed: The Dreamgiver.

“Like a lantern hidden by wisps of fog, the glowing moon shone down in the velvety sky over the towering brick houses. Only the gentle chirp of the crickets broke the haunting silence. In the light winter breeze, the fragile washing like swayed in front of the colossal water tower.”
[Rosie Driscoll]

“When the time was right, the beast descended out of the clouds. Gliding, he zigzagged through the brown-roofed houses and the shiny wire of the washing lines. Then he arrived at his destination…”
[Bradley Akers]

“…he stopped on a windowsill. He took a small notebook and a pencil, checked the address and put it back. He slowly nudged the door open then he peered in. Cautiously, he opened the door and stared around the room.”
[Oliver Cook]

“After scanning the room he poked in his ugly face. His bulbous nose and tinted black goggles masked his mysterious face. Then he fully opened the shutters and stood up. His skinny body towered over the sleeping children. They all lay calmly in their comfy beds. With his pointed wings, he fluttered across the room and landed next to a bed.”
[James Rennocks]

The Ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty
Following their independent research into aspects of the Shang Dynasty, Class 5 prepared and manned their stalls to display their knowledge and learning at an open afternoon on Friday 20th October 2017. They even sang some songs about the Shang Dynasty.

Class 5’s Design & Technology Project - Pencil Cases

In Class 5, we practised our sewing skills by designing and making our own pencil cases.

We came up with a variety of designs, then cut, stitched and finished them ourselves. For many of us, this included learning how to sew on buttons – always a useful skill!