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Class 5’s New Teachers

Our history topic at the moment is ‘The Changing Power of the Monarchy’. We began by learning about the powers held by Charles 1st compared to the powers of our current queen and asking the question: why has it changed so much?
To lead us in this, the year 5s in Class 5 led a lesson on Oliver Cromwell and the civil war. In order to deliver their lesson so effectively, the year 5s dressed up and took on the roles of Oliver Cromwell, Charles 1st and their soldiers before leading activities such as timeline races and drawing pictures of Oliver Cromwell. Great job, year 5s – we really enjoyed your lesson.

Apprentice Stalls at the Christmas Fayre
On Sunday 27th November at the Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School Christmas Fayre, many members of Class 5 had stalls at which they were selling their products as part of the Apprentice Challenge.
Each child was given £3 with which to start their own business. By making, selling and reinvesting, the children have created some fantastic products and services, as you can see:
Class 5’s Ancient Egyptians Open Afternoon
Friday 21st October - what a great afternoon! Thank you to everyone who came to visit.
Having been given the challenge to research an aspect of the Ancient Egyptians and present their findings to parents at an open afternoon, the children in Class 5 worked very hard and put on a great display. The stalls were: Egyptian Gods, Hieroglyphics, Tutankhamun, Food & Drink, The Mummy’s Curse, Mummification, Egyptian Art, Clothes & Jewellery, and Pharaohs & Pyramids.


Some of the children added an additional flavour by dressing up, sometimes even adding (hopefully non-poisonous lead-free) kohl.


Lots of parents attended the afternoon, which was fantastic, and we are very appreciative that they gave up their time to come along and join in, making the children’s hard work worthwhile.


There was even some audience participation!


Finally, we finished the afternoon with some songs: Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Egyptian Embalmer.       Overall, an excellent afternoon with the Ancient Egyptians!

Class 5’s Trip to the Pump House Museum, Harrogate
On Thursday 6th October 2016, Class 5 went to see the Ancient Egyptians display at the Pump House Museum in Harrogate. As part of this visit, we were able to try on Egyptian clothes and jewellery, wear a copy of the Anubis mask included in the display and handle replica artefacts. We could also practise being scientists examining the artefacts and viewing slides of human tissue! 


Over in the Mercer Gallery, we took part in an object handing session, during which we were allowed to handle objects such as a 3,500-year-old shabti doll and a 6,000-year-old Egyptian pot. Fortunately, no one dropped them!


In the afternoon, we were shown how to mummify a body. We all learned things we didn’t already know about mummification and are confident that we could now carry out our own process – any volunteers?


Finally, we made our own Tutankhamun death-masks. As you can see, we did a great job and we all look marvellous!