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Class 5 Photo-Portraits

Starting with black and white photos of our one half of our faces, we measured and sketched lightly the outlines for the other side. Then, using a variety of different shading pencils, we carefully shaded in the darker areas and then all other areas to produce these fantastic self-portraits.

Class 5’s Ancient Egyptians Trip to the Pump House Museum, Harrogate

On 2nd October 2018, Class 5 had a fantastic trip to the Pump House Museum in Harrogate. This small museum has some great artefacts, is very interactive and does engaging workshops. In the morning, the children visited the museum itself and investigated the artefacts on display, including a rare Anubis mask (and a replica of it). There was also an opportunity to dress up in science lab coats or Victorian costumes relating to its heyday as a Victorian spa – the children took full advantage of this! During the object handling session, the children were able to hold real shabti dolls, a two-thousand-year-old jug and a pot that was six thousand years old! Lunch in the Valley Gardens was followed by a mummification session. Poor old Geoffrey was given a great send off after having his internal organs removed, his brains pulled out of his nose and a good wrapping in bandages. Finally, the children created their own mummy masks. This was a great day and we really enjoyed it – it is definitely one of our favourite school trips ever!