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Faith In Action

Faith in Action is a national award scheme for young people aged between 10 and 16, supported by Catholic Youth Ministry Federation. The scheme has been designed to be accessible, to acknowledge good works, encourage more, and ensure that action is rooted in faith.

Here at Barkston Ash we have a small group of Year 6 pupils who are working towards the Pin level. We meet each Tuesday lunchtime to discuss things we are doing which reflect our faith and think about what more we could do to share God’s love.

Participants undertake activities in four different areas:

Prayer – e.g. leading class prayers, praying for others reflecting on meditations.

Pilgrimage and Procession – e.g. stations of the cross, May procession.

Parish Practice – e.g. contributing to the life of the parish, reading at Mass, greeting parishioners.

Social Action – e.g. getting involved with class charity, donating to food bank.

There are four different levels to the award:

Pin level preparation Years 5/6 Bronze level service Years 7 & 8 Silver level Leadership Years 8 & 9 Gold level Innovation Years 10+


We hope that by beginning their Faith In Action journey with us, pupils will be inspired to continue throughout their high school years.