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INTENT  - Our aim and vision for children at Barkston Ash is…
That children develop their own faith and an individual relationship with God. That they know that they were made and loved by God and that He forgives them and is always with them. That they learn about the Catholic faith and learn about Mass, the sacraments and specific Catholic prayers. That they know stories from the Old Testament and the life and teachings of Jesus and can link these to their own experiences. That they develop a positive prayer life where they know that Jesus is their friend. Also, that they learn about other faiths and grow an understanding of different faiths, traditions and cultures. That they have a tolerance and respect for other people’s beliefs and customs.

How is the curriculum organised to achieve this?
The school follows the diocesan Way Truth and Life programme. Key learning points and sacraments are repeated throughout both KS1 and KS2. Prayers are integrated into RE teaching and are further reinforced during morning prayers to ensure children have opportunities to re-visit and learn by heart. Prayer circle time sessions (once every three weeks) help to develop children’s individual prayer life and reinforce their recollection and understanding of prayers. The ‘other faiths’ plan is effective in ensuring that children regularly learn about different faiths. At different age groups they focus on particular aspects of the faith to give a deep broad knowledge in upper KS2. The annual international day also helps to enhance children’s understanding of other world religions. 

How is the subject planned/taught? 

RE is taught for 2.5 hours a week a week in KS2 and 2 hours a week in F/ KS1. It is taught creatively with books showing examples of writing in a number of different genres, art, drama and many other cross-curricular subjects. The whole school prayer policy is taught through the class RE teaching. Children’s knowledge and understanding of the bible is enhanced through a school-designed Bible study week that systematically builds on previous knowledge. Children have opportunities to lead and create their own class liturgies, and this is effective in building their understanding of collective worship. KS2 homework learning challenges include activities related to their RE learning to help consolidate and build upon their learning. The annual welcome liturgy marks the importance of welcoming children into the faith family at Barkston Ash.

What is the attainment for this subject? 

Attainment is very high throughout the school. All year groups show high percentages of children achieving at least the expected standard.

Any particular highlights in the data? In 2019/2020, 100% of children left KS2 at above the expected standard with 50% of children at the greater depth standard. 100% of children made at least 2 levels of progress between KS1 and KS2 with 50% of children making 3 levels of progress.

We have an annual catholicity and spirituality training day in school that all staff attend. All staff have recently had ‘Virtues’ training on the new Catholic virtues content that will be taught from January 2020. The school has faith mentors that can be used to enhance staff’s understanding and faith.

Morning prayers is a notable strength in school. This includes ‘assembly style’ exploration of the mission, meditation and singing liturgy. Teachers/headteacher take it in turn to lead prayers for the week. The work of the Mini Vinnies makes a positive difference to the school and community.