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Subject Overview – Computing


What is the vision for your subject?
At Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School (BACPS), we aim for children to be proficient in their digital literacy, recognise and understand key concepts and have the knowledge to be able to keep themselves safe digitally at home and at school. In an increasingly digital society, these skills will help to prepare children through adolescence and into adulthood. We aim to teach children the multitude of ways IT can be incorporated into the workplace and how IT is utilised within a variety of industries. Our ultimate vision would be for an ex-pupil to contact us in later life and explain how we have impacted on their career within a digital role would be fantastic.

How is the curriculum organised to achieve this?
BACPS have two rolling-year plans in place. Initially, this was coordinated using topics from the Rising Stars programme. We now have an outside agency, JuniorJam, who deliver the computing input from lessons and topics designed to give children the breadth and depth of digital literacy that is expected. The topics have been organised for children to work through the basis of the curriculum JuniorJam provide before they are able to move onto modules with more challenging content. This will take place over the course of the academic year with a view that children will be accessing appropriate work for their year groups right from the start in future. The long term plan has been provided below. 


How is the subject planned/taught? 
Computing is delivered by an outside agency, JuniorJam. Children receive an hour of this each work and classes provide further opportunities for digital literacy skills across the curriculum. In the past, we have had children designing their own persuasive adverts which have been planned and written in literacy before being filmed and edited at a later date. Class 5 have created newspaper articles that they have written and then typed up to be sold as a newspaper. Teachers are encouraged to teach computing themselves to enable their professional knowledge and understanding of this subject. Class 3 have been utilising a set of Chromebooks for the last 18 months whereby work has been set on Google Classrooms to enable children to work collaboratively on documents at the same time. Homework has also been set and completed. Reception from children and parents has been very good. Google Classroom has been implemented across school in 2020 to be utilised during lockdowns, bubble closures or absence due to COVID-related reasons. 

What is the attainment for this subject? 

Computing lessons are observed in accordance with the lesson observation timetable set by the headteacher. The most recent lesson observations show very good standard of teaching and learning. Good evidence of differentiation with in taught lessons. There is challenge for more able children and high aspirations for all pupils.

Computing is assessed formatively and through the use of summative data. Children’s work is reviewed on a lesson-to-lesson basis and children provided with extensions or more challenging activities. Computing is assessed on an ongoing basis through the use of assessment grids on the school network. These are set out with key knowledge and skills set out for each year group.

• All teaching staff have had iPad training focusing on ‘Useful Apps for the classroom’.
• All TA’s have had computer training based on the skills required for them to meet their job.
• All teaching staff have had interactive whiteboard training
• The new subject lead has led workshops for teaching staff to enable them to deliver lessons using Google Classroom in the event of a lockdown or bubble closure.
• Google Classroom has been used effectively within C3 and C5.
• A class set of Chromebooks was purchased by the school with the help of the PTA and these have been utilised within C3 with a view to rolling these out within the ‘20/21 academic year. 
• ICT is utilised effectively throughout the school with links made to a variety of subjects. Online safety is frequently discussed within classes, particularly around the use of apps such as ‘TikTok’ and ‘Smule’ and multiplayer games that utilise microphones and online platforms. We have led open evenings for parents to discuss the importance of online safety and how parents and school can work together to safeguard their children at home.
• Digital Leaders is in its 2nd year at BACPS. This is an opportunity for children with a talent or passion for computing to enrich and enhance their knowledge and to support others throughout school with this.