Welcome to the Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School Website. With God's guidance we grow and learn.                                    Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School has been named in the top 250 schools in the country in The Times newspaper! Well done, everyone!

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Mission Statement
With God’s guidance we grow and learn
Vision Statement
With God’s help, our vision is for every child at Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School to become a confident individual who enjoys the excitement of learning in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect.
We will strive to ensure that all children achieve their full potential: spiritually, academically, emotionally, morally, creatively, physically and socially.

At Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School we are committed to the development of the “whole child,” a school where every individual is valued and their personal dignity is maintained. 

Our Aims Are:

• to provide a safe, caring Christian environment in which each individual is happy, valued, encouraged and given an equal opportunity to develop their full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally

• to deliver a broad and differentiated curriculum which allows each child to experience success and to develop attitudes of confidence and competence enabling him/her to develop as a healthy, fulfilled individual and a valuable member of the community in adult life

• to foster in pupils of all abilities: enquiring minds, an enthusiasm for learning, an ability to collaborate and a desire to achieve

• to promote learning across wide areas of knowledge and experience (spiritual, social, mathematical, linguistic, physical and aesthetic) and to give prestige to each area, enriching the curriculum with experiences which bring the child’s learning to life

• to encourage an active approach to learning through which children will develop a sensitive understanding of the world in which they live

• to support parents and the parish in the religious and moral formation of the child

• to develop the child’s sense of self-worth whilst encouraging her/him to develop: genuine respect, tolerance and care for others irrespective of gender, race, religion, culture or disability

• to develop the children’s ability to make reasoned judgements and to balance their own needs against their duties and responsibilities towards others, particularly those less advantaged than themselves

To help our pupils to :
- develop their individual relationship with God
- be happy, confident, positive children who are willing to take sensible risks and give things a go
- be resilient and able to persevere to overcome problems
- lead healthy, active lifestyles
- be confident enough to make mistakes (and be able to learn from them)
- form and maintain positive relationships with children and adults
- be independent learners
- be able to work effectively in a team
- have positive self-esteem
- engage in life-long learning, being able to take responsibility for their own learning
- aim for the highest standards and to be the best they can be
- be creative thinkers
- have a strong work ethic
- make a positive contribution to the wider community.
- be polite, well mannered and courteous to others
- care for others and their environment
- respect others and be tolerant towards them