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Class 2 – Transport Topic

We role played being train drivers!


In literacy we followed instructions and made paper planes.


We visited the National Railway Museum.


We enjoyed dressing up! We learnt about how people travelled in the past.



We learnt about how trains work.

Year 1 and 2 Trip to Eureka - October 2014
During our trip to Eureka we took part in Gross Lab investigations. We took part in exciting experiments. During one of the experiments we learnt how our bodies would react to a shark attack!


Children explored how different parts of the body work and how we can look after ourselves by eating healthy and keeping fit. We found out what happens to our bodies when we exercise.


Class 2 have produced some stunning artwork related to their RE learning about the Holy Spirit.

Class 2 have carried out lots of cross curricular work for their superheroes topic.

Class 2 have explored all the ways in which they are kept safe at school.