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The Apprentice – Barkston Ash

What an amazing group of young entrepreneurs we have at Barkston Ash!
Just before the October half term holiday, each child in class 5 was given a £3 loan with which to start their very own business. They had to use this to buy what they needed to start their, then reinvest the profits in order to earn as much money as they could. The children really took to the challenge and, between them, made over £950 profit in two and a half months!

There was a wide variety of businesses including homemade foods, Christmas cards and Christmas wreaths, Samurai shields, packaged sweets, car washing and many others. The children also used different ways in which to sell their products, such as leafleting, Facebook, football matches and the school Christmas fayre, as well as families and friends, of course, to whom we are very grateful.

As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, the children then had to enter the boardroom and present their businesses to Lord Sir Alan Craigen, Karen West and Nick Power (aka Mr Craigen, Mrs West and Mr Power).

The standard of the presentations was extremely high, and the panel had a difficult time in choosing just four businesses to go through to the final round… but eventually four businesses were chosen: Fruit Looms, Ellis Enterprises, Samurai Shields and Luca & Reece – well done, finalists!

In the final round, the panel were not faced with 10/11 year-old children, but with extremely professional young entrepreneurs (although they were, in fact, 10/11 years old). The standard of the presentations in the final was even better than in the first round, with all of the candidates speaking knowledgeably and professionally about their businesses.  

Any one of those four businesses would have been a worthy winner, and it took much deliberation before Lord Sir Alan Craigen was able to hire Barkston Ash’s Young Apprentices 2014/15 – congratulations, Eve and Grace! Your business, Fruit Looms, was an excellent venture. You ran your business well, you delivered your pitches very professionally, and you had great ideas for development. Against such a high standard of competition, you did incredibly well to be awarded the prize. Well done!
Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Class 5 have all been working on a special 'Choose Your Own Adventure Story'. Click on the link below and decide how the story will unfold.

Class 5 Trip to the Harrogate Pump House Museum - October 2014
Continuing our journey into the past, we visited the Egyptian display at the Harrogate Pump House Museum. There were a range of artefacts, including a very rare Anubis mask. As part of the trip, the children were able to become scientists, investigating human tissue slides and ancient artefacts, including handling a 6,000-year-old vase!


After lunch in the Valley Gardens, we were able to take part in a mummification session (despite the large number of votes from the children, Mr Craigen was not the one being mummified!). We even had our own priest and the children took great pleasure in removing someone’s vital organs.


Finally, we created Egyptian-style collars, and enjoyed a quiet journey home again(well, some did!).

On Friday 5th September, Class 5 received a mysterious package! A large box had been sent from Cairo, containing 4 trays of Egyptian desert sand. Ensuring they were very careful, the children searched through the sand and, incredibly, found a wide variety of Egyptian artefacts. Using these artefacts, they were able to learn a lot about the Ancient Egyptians. This is just the start of their ongoing discoveries, and hopefully they will be able to tell you a great deal about that 3,000-year-long empire.

The Great Diamond Robbery
On Tuesday 17th June 2014, a stash of diamonds was stolen from Mr Power’s office. The next day, Mr Mossman (the school caretaker) was found dead in the playground (he’s feeling much better now, though, and has returned to work as cheerful as ever).


Class 5 searched for clues, interviewed potential witnesses and carried out a range of forensic tests in an attempt to solve the case.


Finally, using their mathematical skills, including algebra, symmetry and coordinates, the CSI Barkston teams managed to unravel a series of clues revealing the identity of the culprit.


One by one, Class 5 eliminated the suspects until the master criminal was unmasked – Lee Nova, aka Jack Myers! The diamonds were also successfully recovered from their hiding place in the toilet cistern, and a repentant Mr Myers has learned his lesson.

Class 5 recently held an Aztec Day where they looked at displays on different aspects of Aztec daily life including: why the Aztecs came to settle on Lake Texcoco, food and cooking, making homes and the temple. They then had a treasure hunt quiz in the playground, using what they had learnt from the displays. They also heard about how the sun was created, and made Aztec temples from card.

Children in Class 5 have been working in groups on a special D&T project. The children were given the challenge of designing and creating their own biscuit product. They presented Powerpoint presentations and adverts for their product, designed and made packaging, calculated cost price for their biscuits and then baked and taste tested their final products. 



In art, Class 5 have been learning how to draw portraits. Using half a printed picture, they have created self-portraits.