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Mini Vinnies

Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School is a Mini-Vinnie school! Mini-Vinnie groups are set up in Catholic primary schools, and carry out good deeds in helping the needy within school, the local community and the wider world. Mini Vinnies follow the pattern of see-think-do. They see who needs help in the world, think about how they can help and then do something about it. Their mission is to turn concern into action

Children apply to be members of Mini Vinnies when they are in Year 3 through an application form and formal interview. If successful, they are then appointed as Mini Vinnies for the rest of their time at Barkston Ash.

These are some examples of the work that the Mini Vinnies do:
  • Support class charities by making charity boxes and helping to organise and run their charity events;
  • Write letters to the housebound of the parish so that they feel less lonely;
  • Organise the Selby Foodbank box and the ‘Tins on Tuesday’ initiative – this is where each class takes it in turn to try to fill the Selby foodbank box (during the first Tuesday of the month) – the Mini Vinnies judge whether the box is full and if it is the class receive a certificate and a 10mins extra playtime voucher;
  • Supporting PFA events such as the Christmas and Summer Fayres;
  • Deliver liturgical Christmas cards around the village and Parish;
  • Supporting national charity initiatives such as Children in Need and Sport Relief by organising events in school;
  • Visit Highfield nursing home and help entertain the residents by supporting them in games of bingo.

Children in Need colouring competition raised £45

Members of Mini Vinnies supporting residents at Highfield Nursing home with a game of bingo!

Members delivering liturgical Christmas cards around the village after a whole school Christmas card making day

Helping Class 4 to raise over £600 for MNDA!

Cake sale raised over £100 for Sport Relief

Members made collection boxes for each class so that pupils can give spare change and pocket money to their chosen charities

Members of Mini Vinnies visited Selby Foodbank with our amazing Harvest collection and learnt about how the foodbank works. They then shared this information with the rest of the school during a Celebration Assembly