Welcome to the Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School Website. With God's guidance we grow and learn.                                    Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School has been named in the top 250 schools in the country in The Times newspaper! Well done, everyone!

School Sport

March – Ultimate Warrior Challenge Winners

During the last 6 weeks, children (and parents) have been keeping fit by entering the Ultimate Warrior Challenge. This consisted of shuttle runs, speed bounces, star jumps and step ups. After strong competition, the final results are in with certificates for everyone and trophies for the winners. Thank you and well done to everyone who took part. The winners are listed and pictured below:

Reception Boys’ Winner: Macaulay Cooper

Reception Girls’ Winner: Ava Chester

Y1 Boys’ Winner: Elliott Endean

Y1 Girls’ Winner: Lola Noblett

Y2 Boys’ Winner: Matthew Varley

Y2 Girls’ Winner: Morgan Burns

Y3 Boys’ Winner: Oscar O’Mahony

Y3 Girls’ Winner: Lacey Winspear

Y4 Boys’ Winner: Will Charlton

Y4 Girls’ Winner: Georgie Burns

Y5 Boys’ Winner: Jacob Kelly

Y5 Girls’ Winner: India Tonks

Y6 Boys’ Winner: Lennon McClay

Y6 Girls’ Winner: Emma Hutton

Male Parent Winner: Mr Wilson

Female Parent Winner: Mrs Kelly

March – KS2 Class Football Matches

It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and happy faces as we could finally take part in some competitive football matches. Each Key Stage 2 class took part in a bubble football match after school and had a great time.

C3 Boys’ Bubble Match

Bradley’s Bravehearts 9 - 7 Chalton’s Challengers

C3 Girls’ Bubble Match

Florence’s Flamingos 7 - 4 Daisy’s Dynamos

C4 Boys’ Bubble Match

Ruben’s Rovers 10 – 4 Stoney’s Soldiers

Class 4 Girls’ Bubble Match

Hinsley’s Harriers 5 - 3 Tonks’ Torpedoes

C5 Boys’ Bubble Match 

Fountaine’s Fighters 4 - 5 McClay’s Marvells

C5 Girls’ Bubble Match

Paige’s Patriots 7 – 7 Hardcastle’s Hegemonics

March – C4 and C5 Cross Country

Children in Class 4 and Class 5 took part in the Sherburn Cluster time trials for cross country. The children did really well with every child completing the course and receiving a certificate! Well done, Class 4 and Class 5!

March – C3 Multi-skills

Class 3 had a lot of fun taking part in a morning of multi-skills activities with Andy Jackson (the Sherburn Cluster sports games manager). The children took part in running, agility and co-ordination games and had a great time.

December – KS2 Archery Competitions
To help make up for the lack of inter-school competitive sport that cannot take place at the moment, Mrs Siddall organised sport competitions for each class. Children in Key Stage 2 took part in a number of different archery competitions to determine a class archery champion.

Congratulations to the following winners:
Class 5 – Lucas Smith

Class 4 – Eva Bielby

Class 3 – Joseph Radi

December – R/KS1 Target Throw Competitions
Children in Class 1 and 2 enjoyed taking part in class target throw competitions. The target throw game tested the children’s accuracy as they threw beanbags at a target.

Congratulations to the following children who came out with the highest scores in their class to become class target throw champions:

C1 – Ava Tindell- Riley

C2 – Daiya Thiara

December – C5 Orienteering
Andy Jackson, the Sherburn Cluster School Sports Games Organiser, came into school to run an orienteering competition for Class 5. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed taking part in a variety of different orienteering games and activities. Andy was very impressed with both the ability of the children and their behaviour, attitude and sportsmanship. The overall winners were Amelie Kempton and Oliver Fountaine. Congratulations to them and everyone who took part.

December – C3 Tri-Golf
C3 loved taking part in a tri-golf workshop. Andy Jackson (the Sherburn Cluster School Sports Games Organiser) led a number of fun tri-golf activities. The children had a great time and enjoyed the various putting, chipping and target games.

November – Yoga!
Following our whole school Yoga day in March, we have become a Yoga school! Yoga is part of our PE curriculum and the children are really enjoying the sessions.

October – Staff Training!
During a staff training day, teachers and teaching assistants really enjoyed developing their coaching skills in a number of different sports. We took part in archery and orienteering sessions but the most popular sport was New Age Kurling! It got very competitive in the school hall. We’re really looking forward to running these sessions with the children.

September – Archery Club
With no contact sport currently allowed in school, we have had to think creatively about which sport clubs we can offer. This term we are having archery club for the Key Stage 2 classes. Each class has a weekly lunchtime session, and they have really enjoyed developing their skills.