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School Council Members 2019/2020

We have a very active school council who play a big part in helping develop and improve the school. Each fortnight they meet together to discuss suggestions and ideas that were added to their class suggestion boxes.

They were democratically elected at the beginning of the year and have set the following aims:
  • to help to make school life fun
  • to help improve the school, making it a better and happier place to learn
  • to give all children in the school a voice and a chance to give their opinions and views
  • to help to ensure that school is a safe place for all children, staff and visitors
  • to play an active role in the running of the school
Autumn - Reception Daiya - Year 1 Toby - Year 1
Max - Year 2 Hollie - Year 3 Ruben - Year 4
India - Year 4 Joseph - Year 5 Eva - Year 6
Honor - Year 6