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Over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to write letters and writing to inform. We started by looking at a new book in ‘guided reading’: ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We read through some of the letters that the crayons had written to Duncan. Using our inference skills, we thought about how the crayons felt and how we would feel in their position. We then wrote our own letters to Duncan as the crayons, using the features we identified. After that, we wrote letters from Duncan, apologising for the mistakes we had made.



We started our French with a big, Eurovision bang! We listened to the Eurovision entries of 5 countries and ranked them in order of enjoyment. We learnt how to voice opinions of the songs using ‘C’est’, followed by an adjective. Using our numbers knowledge, we then voted in French for our top three.



In the middle of our fractions topic, we had a delivery from Haribo. They asked us to check that the bags of sweets within the ‘grab bag’ packets were fair. We thought about how we’d do this, and discussed as a class how we’d ensure that the bags were fair. We looked at the number of sweets in each packet, the type of sweets and whether any were missing. We then considered how we would turn these into fractions and even began to convert these to percentages! We worked very hard and the Haribo were a fantastic reward afterwards!!



In our science topic, we have been learning about animals and humans. We considered the difference in nutritional need and asked and answered questions like: ‘Why do cats need a larger protein intake than humans?’ and ‘Would a human be able to survive with the nutritional intake of a bird?’. Following this, we began to learn about the various skeleton types within the animal kingdom. We grouped animals based on whether they had an endo or exo-skeleton, and whether they were a vertebrate or invertebrate! This led nicely into our learning about the human skeleton, and we even had some help from Simon!

In Class 3, we have had a fantastic start to the new term! Read on to find out about all the things we have been learning!

Earlier this half term, Mrs Bagshaw and Class 3 created sets of sculptures using leaves and twigs and other various pieces of nature within the school grounds. We then used our skills from before half term to continue our sculptures in pencil with our shading and pencil techniques. The artwork the class produced is fabulous!

Anti-bullying week
November 14th – 18th was Anti-bullying week. We did lots of work to find out the definition of bulling, the different types and how to help someone who is being bullied. We wrote names and words a bully might use on plates and Mr Hudson smashed it! We saw that even though he apologised to the plate, the cracks and words were still there. We understood that it is better to prevent/not allow bullying to happen in the first place, but also to make sure we speak to someone as soon as possible should it begin to happen. We then created sets of posters to explain what bullying is and how we could help ourselves/others being bullied.

In our myths and legends topic, we have looked at the stories of ‘Perseus and Medusa’ and ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’.  We looked in detail at working out what aspects worked together to create a good myth story, before writing descriptions of the characters and settings. We then created a storyboard for each story and are using these to rewrite the stories with a lot of extra detail!


Our science topic is all about rocks and soils. We have learnt about the fossilisation process, as well as the three main types of rock. We then used this knowledge to explain how the fossilisation process occurs in our own words, and some of us then wrote pieces to explain how and why fossilisation mainly occurs in sedimentary rocks as opposed to metamorphic or igneous rocks.

This half term, we have been looking at drawing using tools. We began by looking at refining our sketching skills and our colouring skills through cross-hatching, ink washing and random hatching to name a few.
We then utilised these skills to make in-detail drawings of leaves, before practising our shading techniques with colour.  


Class charity

This year, we are very excited to be supporting ‘Dreamflight’. This is a charity that supports very poorly children by taking them on a ‘holiday of a lifetime!’ These are children, who would unfortunately be unable to go on holiday or go abroad due to their conditions. The charity utilise a ‘jumbo’ jet to take approximately 130 children to Orlando, Florida, each year, accompanied by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. 
This is a video embed for Dreamflight to find out more information.