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This half term, the class have been very busy! We began by learning about information texts, including the use of paragraphs, headings and sub-headings. We applied this by looking at our geography topic and writing about the infamous 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull . After half term, we learnt the story of Medusa and Perseus, re-telling particular catch-points we thought could be improved. The children created some fantastic pieces of writing!

Our geography topic, ‘Extreme Earth’ had us researching various natural disasters around the world. We began by researching volcanoes and whereabouts in the world particular volcanoes were, before beginning to look at case studies of the Tohuku Earthquake, monsoon season in Bangladesh and keeping up to date with the 2017 hurricane season. We watched videos of earthquake drills in Japanese schools and had a go at following their actions and then used this to explain why there were so few fatalities in the 2011 Tohuku earthquake.

The children wrote across the curriculum in many topics.

Design technology
In design technology, we were given the task of creating a structure to span a 15cm gap and hold a 1kg weight. The children researched various examples of bridges and structures around the world, before focussing on structures within the UK. Using this research and their learning of the types of bridges, the children began to plan and discuss which bridge type to design and how to build these with lollipop sticks, wood and wood glue. Many of the designs are still in progress, however some are beginning to take shape already!!