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Class 3 Autumn
This half-term, we have been very busy!! We started the half term by writing manifestos for the school-council elections, and some of us wrote extra manifestos for ‘Mini-Vinnies’. Our democratically-elected school councillors for ‘Class 3’ are Oliver Bird and Isaac Sowden. Our newly elected Mini-Vinnies are: India, Isla, Millie and Oliver.

Our literacy this half-term has been focussed on informative writing. We researched volcanoes around the world and made notes on how they’re formed, any famous volcanoes and the eruptions throughout the years. We had lots of fun with this. We wrote instructions to teach KS1 how to play a maths game our groups invented. This was especially useful when trying to make sure our instructions were short, concise and understandable. We then discovered new species of animals which we described in detail for David Attenborough! We had to think about describing the animals, their diet and habitat really accurately.

We began to think about forces in nature and all around us. We did lots of experiments to investigate the effect of friction, and pushing and pulling with magnets and magnetic forces. We then completed tables with our results and an explanation of the results we got.

For history, we have been learning about the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages. We began by dissecting ‘poo’. We had to use this and research to identify which ages our poos were from.


We have been investigating the properties of some 2-D shapes. We had to work out what the properties could have been to either sort the shapes into a Venn or Carroll diagram or to try and work out what the headings of each diagram could have been based on the shapes that were already in the diagrams.