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Class 3 webpage
​​​​​​To star the year off, the whole school began with a British Values focus. During this week, we focussed on the themes of respect, equality, diversity, tolerance of others, other faiths and many more things. We wrote manifestos and took part in a fair, democratic process to vote for who we wanted to be our class councillors. We then thought about our rights in school and particularly our rights for education and staying safe.

Class Charity
This year, our class charity is the ‘Motor Neurone Disease Association’ (MNDA). The MNDA is a charity working towards better diagnosis, treatment, prevention and outcomes for those and their families who know someone who is diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

This half term we have been learning about the Christian Family. We have learnt about our closer family in our houses, our community, and our parish and in the wider world. We learnt about the importance of forgiveness from Jesus teachings and how difficult it can be to forgive others. As the half term went on, we learnt about baptism and the importance baptism has with regard to the promises made by our parents and godparents, and the dedication they promise to give in raising us as children of God.

Learning Challenges
Keep your learning challenges coming in! Some fantastic examples have been sent in so far!