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Welcome to the Class 4 page!

Robinwood 2020
Y5/6 Residential to Robinwood
The Year 5s from Class 4 and Year 6s from Class 5 had a fantastic 3 days on residential at Robinwood in Cumbria, taking part in lots of outdoor and adventurous activities.  A great time was had by all!

Class Liturgies
We have been planning and leading class liturgies based on Jesus’s parables.

Yoga Day
As part of our whole school Healthy Habits Wellbeing Day, we took part in a yoga session.  We all enjoyed this and are looking forward to doing more yoga in the future.

In science, we have been learning about states of matter and properties and changes of materials.  We created our own mini water cycles to learn about evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

We also investigated how to separate mixtures using evaporation, magnetic attraction, filtration and sieving.

Bible Studies Week
In Bible Studies Week, we took part in a number of activities including learning about the different books of the Bible and their authors.  We researched and wrote fact files about some of the Bible authors and played Bible book sorting and Bible references games.  We also learnt about the Lindisfarne Gospels and illuminated letters, and we created our own illuminated letters art work and book marks to illustrate Bible verses.

DT – Moving Cards
We developed and practised our card making skills using moving mechanisms, including the box and mouth folds, sliders, rotators, lift-up flaps and paper springs.  We designed and made our own Christmas cards using some of these mechanisms.

European Day – Germany
On European Day, we used maps, information from the internet and information texts to research Germany, including key facts, landmarks, popular foods and famous people.
We learnt some German greetings and how to ask questions and talk about what we are called, how old we are and where we live.
We also tried some delicious German food, including German sausage, cheese and spiced biscuits.

Class Charity
This year, Class 4 have chosen to support WWF – the World Wide Fund for Nature. After a class vote, we all made a contribution to adopt a turtle, and we will be holding a fundraising day later in the school year.
British Values Day
As part of British Values Day, we wrote and delivered School Council manifestos and took part in democratic elections to elect our two class representatives. Joe (for the 2nd successive year!) and India were the successful candidates and will represent Class 4 this year on the School Council.

Other activities included developing new laws for our country and taking part in personal identity games.

RE – Creation
After reading the story of creation, we used our art skills to produce a creation timeline and we wrote poems and prayers showing our appreciation for God’s gifts.

We also worked in groups to plan creation liturgies and we will be leading these in class over the coming weeks.

In science, we have been investigating sound: what sound is; how we hear sounds; volume and pitch.