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Class Teacher - Miss Byrnes

Class Charity
To decide our class charity we discussed a range of charities and how they help others. We discussed how we can decide which charity fairly and learnt about what democracy means. Our chosen class charity is Help for Heroes.

In Maths the children have been developing their understanding of place value, finding different ways to represent numbers, considering how many tens and how many ones.


The Year 1’s continued to develop this understanding of place value using terms such as ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to compare groups of objects and numbers. 

In Art, the children have explored different tools and techniques that can be used for painting and the effects these have. They used everyday items such as a toothbrush and cotton buds and talked about when they might use this. They also experimented with creating colours using the primary colours.

In science, the children have been learning about their bodies. As part of this we have developed our understanding of the five senses, exploring each of these at each of the sense stations.

Within RE, we have been developing our understanding of being chosen by God and other people he chose, including Moses and Abraham. We used role play to retell the story of baby Moses and discussed how each person would have been feeling.

School Council
To decide our school council representatives each child that wished to be considered a candidate, delivered their own manifesto speech. Each speech was delivered with confidence with amazing ideas. The children then voted for their representatives. Our Year 1 representative is Olivia-Rae and Year 2 representative is Morgan.

PE - Yoga
We have been enjoying our class Yoga sessions. The children have particularly enjoyed the shark game which involves practising our postures!

In History, we have been considering what our lives are like and developing our understanding of what the childhood of or parents and grandparents was like and how these might be different. We have written letters to Great Auntie Flo who sent us a reply answering our questions, some of the children were shocked with the responses! On Friday, we found three photos of a building from different years and the children discovered that these were all pictures of our school. We compared the images and how they are different and discussed why this might be. Each group then presented their findings to the class.

The children have been learning about what instructions are and where they might have seen them, giving examples such as recipes, road signals, in games and toys and when making something. We then went outside to explore what might be needed when telling someone instructions. At first the children were given vague instructions and were left confused and not sure what to do, we then discussed how we can make instructions clearer and added in time words. The children then gave their partner instructions to follow before sharing some with the class.

We discussed what hope means and when we might need to be hopeful, sharing some of our own experiences of when we have been hopeful. We then discussed why we need hope and how this is associated with not giving up even in challenging times. We shared our thoughts of different symbols of hope and discussed how a rainbow can represent this, when sun meets rain. We each created a stained-glass window rainbow as a reminder of hope in the classroom.

To explore the seasons and how we adapt, the children sorted a range of clothes and objects associated with the seasons and why these are needed.