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Staying Safe
We’re back to school and ready to learn! We started by having a think about the things that are in place in school to help keep us safe. We spoke about physical objects or systems – alarms, fences etc., but then we also spoke about the importance of rules and how they keep us safe too and ways that we keep safe at home and at school. We then created a display with lots of thoughts on how we stay safe.

In literacy, we have been learning about the importance of precise instructions. We had a go at writing our own, then watched a video and a task in the classroom which showed us the importance of ensuring our instructions are concise and detailed for readers to follow the instructions and know they’re following them correctly.

Learning about the world is so much fun! Our geography topic has taught us lots about the continents, the countries that are atop the continents and information relating to these too. So far, we have learnt about some human and physical features of each continent as well as some statistics about these places too. We have identified our place in the world, what continent we are part of and our location within the world compared to other continents.

Bonjour! We have started our French lessons, which have begun with us learning a little about the country as well as some new greetings. We watched a video about France and Paris, describing some of the human and geographical features and things that France is well known for: fashion, art and museums, breads, pastries and patisseries and lots of other things. We started to learn some simple French greetings before practicing these with each other and then beginning to write some single words.