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July – End of Year Awards
Congratulations to our end of year award winners for 2019/2020. This year’s winners (pictured below – left to right): Honor Luke (Sportswoman of the Year – voted for by the children), Eva Quirk (Anne Maguire ‘Make a Difference’ award winner – voted for by all staff), Matthew Wilkinson (Academic Achievement Award Winner – for the child who made the most progress between the end of KS1 and the end of KS2), and William Sibson (Sportsman of the Year – voted for by the children).

July – Leavers’ Liturgy
It was a leavers’ liturgy with a difference this year with the event being live streamed for parents to watch at home. The children all did very well with their speeches and shared some lovely memories of their time at Barkston Ash. They gave a wonderful gift of the planter pictured below and have made many positive contributions of school life.

June – Selby District Foodbank Competition Winner!
A big congratulations to Isabelle Langan who won the Selby District foodbank colouring competition to design a poster to promote the foodbank. Isabelle was presented with her prize of a £10 Amazon voucher today by representatives of the foodbank. The foodbank has also donated a £50 Amazon voucher to the school as part of Isabelle’s prize. Thank you, Isabelle, and very well done!

June – National Flower Day
Bubble B celebrated national flower day with some fantastic art work. Well done, everyone!

March – Stay Home, Stay Safe – Thank you NHS
Children in school produced some fantastic rainbow posters to pay tribute to our amazing NHS.

March – 100 laps
In tribute to Captain Tom Moore’s amazing fundraising for the NHS, the children completed 100 laps of the school playground.

March – Robinwood
Children in Years 5 and 6 had an amazing time at Robinwood. The children took part in a variety of fantastic activities during an action-packed 3 days. The children behaved brilliantly and showed bravery and enthusiasm in all the activities. Well done, Year 5 and 6.

March – World Book Day
We had a wonderful day celebrating world book day. Children and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book characters and took part in lots of great activities as we celebrated the wonder of books!

March – Yoga Day!
Barkston Ash is now officially a Yoga school! We had a fantastic day of yoga when Michael Chissick from ‘Yoga at School UK’ visited and led yoga workshops with each class. The children (and staff!) really enjoyed the sessions and yoga will now be integrated into our PE curriculum.

March – Healthy Habits and Wellbeing Day
As part of our Positive Psychology and Wellbeing curriculum, we had a special wellbeing day. The curriculum was collapsed for the day and each class studied the key benefits of laughter, good breathing, sleep and hobbies through a range of cross-curricular activities. The children had a great day and further developed their understanding of these important areas.

March – K BOTs
Following on from their visit earlier in the year, two Year 6 children had a wonderful day at the STAR Alliance K BOTS day at Riverside. They created a number of fantastic models and machines to take part in lots of ‘Robot Wars’ style games and activities!

March – Choir Visit to Barkston Ash Nursery
Four members of the school choir visited Barkston Ash nursery to lead a singing session with the nursery children. They sang nursery rhymes and taught the children ‘Great Big God’ including the actions! Everyone had a great time.

March – C5 Tins on Tuesday Challenge!
Congratulations to Class 5 who successfully filled the Selby foodbank box. Class 5 received a certificate, 10 mins extra playtime voucher and (most importantly) have helped the needy in our local community. Well done, Class 5.

March – Yorkshire Cricket Club Visit
We had a special visitor from Yorkshire Cricket Club who shared with the children lots of exciting opportunities to play cricket in our local community. Joe (the coach from Yorkshire CC) then led classroom cricket lessons using maths and cricket together!

February – Bible Study Week
We have had a fantastic Bible study week in school. Children in each class have been learning about what the Bible is, where it came from and how we use it. The children have really enjoyed taking part in a variety of cross-curricular activities to develop and extend their learning.

January – Letter from Secretary of State
We were delighted to receive a letter from Rt Hon Nick Gibb, Minister of State for School Standards. The letter congratulated the school on our outstanding test results. 100% of our KS2 children reached or exceeded the expected standard in maths with our results being in the top 2% of the country! Well done to everyone who helps to make our school so successful.

January – 1st Communion
Scarthingwell church was the setting for a special celebration Mass where 13 children received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Following months of preparation, the children played an active role in the Mass leading the readings, prayers and offertory procession. Congratulations to all the children.

January – School Council Litter Pick
Members of our school council continued their great work as eco-warriors by conducting a little pick around the village. They collected lots of litter and helped to improve the local environment.

January – Young Voices Concert
It was a night to remember at Sheffield arena as our 56 members of the school choir performed at the Young Voices Concert. Joined by 4,000 other children, special guest stars and a packed audience, the children sang and danced brilliantly. Well done to everyone who took part.

January – Young Apprentice Challenge 2019/2020
Our Y6 children have once again shown fantastic entrepreneurial skills. From an initial £4 loan to each child, the children created their own profitable businesses and presented expertly in the apprentice boardroom. Well done to everyone in Class 5 for making an overall profit of over £2,100! They will use this money to fund a school trip, buy resources for school, help the local area and sponsor Rodrigue (who lives in Togo) through Compassion UK. A special well done to overall winners Poppy and Eva, and Honor and Ella, who were crowned Young Apprentice Winners 2019/2020.

January – Tins on Tuesday Challenge!
A big well done to Class 2 for not only filling the foodbank box but leaving it overflowing! Mini Vinnies Isaac and Oliver rewarded the class with a certificate and a 10 minute extra playtime voucher. The goods will be used to support those in need in our local area.

December – KS2 Advent Presentation
Children in Key Stage 2 produced two brilliant performances of the Advent Presentation – Joseph’s Gift. The children showed wonderful acting and singing skills to tell the story of Jesus’ birth to packed audiences at St Joseph’s RC Church in Sherburn.

December – Choir Visit to Highfield
35 members of the school choir visited Highfield Nursing home to entertain residents with a performance of a number of the songs from this year’s Advent Presentation. It was a great opportunity to help celebrate Christmas with the residents, and it was lovely to spend time chatting with them after the performance.

December – R/KS1 Nativity
Class 1 and 2 produced two wonderful performances of the Nativity story. The children performed with fantastic singing, dancing and enthusiasm to delighted audiences. Well done, everyone!

December – Mini Vinnies visit to Highfield
Members of the Mini Vinnies group had a lovely afternoon at Highfield nursing home. They supported the residents in a bingo afternoon, and it was lovely to see them interact so well.

December – Primary Maths Challenge
Children in Years 5 and 6 took part in the notoriously challenging Primary Maths Challenge. All the children who took part did really well. A special mention to the following children who achieved prizes: 
Gold Award – Ella.
Silver Award – Emma, Honor, Holly and Izzy.
Bronze Award – Oliver, Isaac, Freddie, Joseph, Matthew, Harriett and Ewan.

December – Christmas Card Making Day
Our school was turned into a card making factory for the day! Children have moved from class to class making a range of fantastic liturgical Christmas cards. The cards look fantastic and will now be delivered around the village and parish.

November – European Day
As part of our commitment to being an international school, we had a special European day in school. Each class picked a specific European country to learn about and took part in a wide range of activities about the country.

November – Advent Wreaths
As part of our preparation for Advent, children from each class joined together (with a group of fantastic volunteers!) to create Advent wreaths for our hall and classrooms. Well done, everyone – they look fantastic!
November – Mini Vinnies - Children in Need Competition
The Mini Vinnies organised a fantastic Pudsey colouring competition to raise £45 for Children in Need. They had a tough job to judge the competition but presented certificates and prizes to the following children during Celebration Assembly:

R/KS1 -, 1st place – Chloe Laverack-Mayes, 2nd place – Olivia-Rae Mason, 3rd place – Aila Smith
KS2 - 1st place – Caoimhe Hardcastle, 2nd place – Ella Williams, 3rd place - Hollie Kempton
November – Peer Mentors Appointed
Congratulations to the following children who have completed their training and have now been appointed as school student peer mentors: Joseph Adam, Tom Bowring, Oliver Bird, Caoimhe Hardcastle, Izzy Hargreaves, Freddie Sowden, Harriett Watson, Daisy West and Martha White. The mentors have learnt about listening sills, accepting others’ feelings and about restorative practice (helping people find solutions together).

November – Helping Hands Christmas Fayre
It was a wonderful day for the annual PFA Helping Hands Christmas Fayre. The school was packed with members of our school community as everyone enjoyed the variety of stalls and activities on offer. A big thank you to everyone who supported the event and the amazing Helping Hands volunteers who worked so hard to create such a fantastic day. The event raised an amazing £2,369! Well done, everyone!
November – Anti-Bullying Week
Each class took part in a variety of activities throughout the week to raise awareness, understanding and prevention of bullying. This was part of the national anti-bullying week and helped us to continue to be vigilant against bullying.
November – Big Sing Liturgy Thing
Children in Years 5 and 6 had a wonderful day out at Corpus Christi church for the BIG SING LITURGY THING led by musical duo Boyce and Stanley. It was a fantastic day where various Catholic schools in the Diocese joined together to perform with a full rock band in praise and worship. The children were amazing and really enjoyed the day.

November – Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Week
We have had a wonderful positive psychology and wellbeing week in school. The children have learned about how to be happy, including how to form positive relationships, maintain good self-esteem, give and receive compliments and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. There has been a lot of excellent cross-curricular work on this theme.

November – Tins on Tuesday
Thank you and well done to Class 4 who filled the Selby foodbank box on Tuesday and earned themselves an extra 10 minutes playtime.
October – K BOTS
Two Year 6 children had a wonderful day at the STAR Alliance K BOTS day at Riverside. They developed their understanding of how machines work to build a fantastic model and take part in lots of ‘Robot Wars’ style games and activities!

October – Welcome Liturgy
It was a very special liturgy in school as we officially welcomed our new reception children as part of our faith community. It was wonderful to see all the parents, grandparents and nursery workers in attendance to see each new starter receive a blessing and a special candle. Many thanks to Father Tim Swinglehurst for leading the liturgy.

October – Mini Vinnies Visit to Selby Foodbank
Poppy and Eva (members of our Mini Vinnies group) visited Selby foodbank with the amazing 128 kg of food and toiletries that the school collected during Harvest Festival. The children learnt about how the foodbank system works and how vital our donations are. They shared this learning with the rest of the school during Celebration assembly.

October – Harvest Festival
To celebrate Harvest Festival, children in Y6 led a thought-provoking assembly about the work of CAFOD. The Mini-Vinnies arranged for a special ‘bright clothes’ non-uniform day that raised £150. The children also brought in items for our Selby foodbank box and, as you can see below, the final collection was amazing! Members of the Mini Vinnies group will be visiting the foodbank to make the fantastic delivery.

September - Virtues Day
We help a special virtues day in school. Through cross-curricular work the children learned how they can show, recognise and develop the following virtues in their own lives: wisdom, faith, self-control, justice, respect, love, hope and courage. This work is part of the ongoing character education that we teach in school.

September – New Mini Vinnies Appointed
We have four new members of the Mini Vinnie committee. Our group of Mini Vinnies do a great job in school helping to ‘turn concern into action’ by, amongst other things, supporting our class charities, writing to the housebound of the parish, entertaining residents at the local residential home and organising the school foodbank. Following an application form and interviews, the following children were commissioned to join the group: Molly West, Kitty Sheppard, Georgie Burns and Max O’Donnell. Congratulations to them!

September – New School Council Elected
Congratulations to our newly elected school student council. They have been democratically elected by their classmates and are looking forward to helping to further improve the school.

September – British Values Day
We had a great day in school celebrating the British Values of: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, we held a special British Values day in school. Each class studied these four principles through a range of cross curricular lessons and activities. You can learn about how we promote British Values at Barkston Ash by following this link: www.barkstonash.n-yorks.sch.uk/page.php?id=8028