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Girls’ Football Captain
Hi, I’m Molly and I’m the KS2 Girls’ Football Team Captain. As captain, my job is to  support and manage my team. All of our players are supportive of each other, and of the  opposite team, during our games. I am really proud of my team and I am very proud to be  captain of this amazing team.

Tag Rugby Captain
Hi, I’m Jack, the Barkston Ash Tag Rugby Captain. Ever since I played at a local  tournament, I have enjoyed tag rugby. Our team works hard, plays really well and has lots  of fun whilst doing it. 


Boys’ Football Captain
Hi, my name is Oli and I’m the captain of our boys’ football team. I love playing football in  my spare time, and when I’m not playing for Barkston, I play for Ulleskelf. Barkston FC is  a very skilful team, and we have achieved many great things. I am very proud of our  team!

Cross-Country Captain
Hi, my name is Alex and I’m the Athletics and Cross-Country Captain. I am very proud of our teams. Everybody who participates is a very valued member, and all of our players give 100% in everything they do.

Basketball Captain
Hi, I’m Isabel and I’m the KS2 Basketball Captain. I like playing basketball because it’s a fun sport and a great way to keep fit. We recently played in our first tournament – we didn’t win but we showed great team work and all had a fun time.