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Class 1 – Superhero Day

We had a great Superhero day in class. We learnt about how the lifeboat crew look after people when we were visited by RNLI crew. We loved dressing up as members of the lifeboat crew! We learnt how to stay safe at beach. We made buns to sell at our cake sale. We learnt how to weigh things using scales. We raised £150 for our class charity - the RNLI.

Monster Writing!

Julia Donaldson wrote a letter to class 1 asking them to create a new monster for her next book because the Gruffalo is retiring! The children were excited to write down their descriptions!

Class 1 Gym

Class 1 are all members of the Class 1 gym. We take part in 20 minutes of activities in the morning to strengthen our hand, arms and improve our fine motor skills. Whatever the weather we are outside in the gym!